Website Coaching Services

A Sampling of Our Services:

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    Online Webinars & Presentations

    We love creating custom webinars for our audiences and teaching people new, exciting tactics and strategies that they can put into place immediately for better results.

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    Presentations & In-Person Speaking Engagements

    In-Person speaking engagements are not only educational but can be fun!  Our goal is to captivate your audience, educate, keep them engaged and wanting more!

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    Company Advocate & Proxy for Website Development Agencies

    Is your company building a website and are you having a difficult time dealing with your website development agency?  We know how to talk the technical talk to the agency and translate those needs to your company employees. We will be your advocate so you get your website built properly and in your best interest.

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    Web Development Lead or Manager

    When you are building a new website, you should have one lead for the project who interfaces with both the website development agency as well as your managers at your company.  This person needs to not only understand the entire process of building a website, but also understand company culture and abilities of the employees to get tasks completed.  We understand both sides, and have worked for years within companies implementing software for teams of peoples in addition to websites!

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    Private Website Development Coaching

    Are you or someone on your team building your website yourself and need some guidance or advice?  We love private coaching! Our 28 years of experience has given us extensive knowledge in the web building world!  We will teach you best practices along the way.


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